September 6th, 6.30-8pm Committee Room 6, House Of Commons

Politics and Gendered Islamophpbia: In conversation with Naz Shah MP and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

As part of the ‘Glass Ceiling not Glass Slippers’ series, FWN Mentoring Programme Alumni host a cross party discussion on the rewards and challenges faced by female British Muslim Parliamentarians. We are delighted to host Naz Shah MP and Baroness Warsi in a frank and candid dialogue about their experiences as British Muslim women navigating their unique path to political office from their respective working class communities in West Yorkshire to the hallowed corridors of the Palace of Westminster.

The rise of Islamophobia in Britain, Europe and the USA where public narratives have increasingly featured men either as perpetrators of crimes of terror and/or sexual assault, it is Muslim women who have increasingly been the target of hate, acid attacks and violence. We will also be joined by Shaista Aziz and Suhaiyma Manzoor-Khan to explore and unpack the consequences of Islamophobia on the daily lives of Muslim women and their families.

Shaista Aziz is a FWN Mentoring Programme Alumni and a freelance journalist and writer specialising on identity, race and gender. She is the founder of the anti-racism digital platform The Everyday Bigotry Project and co-founder of the Women’s Advancement Hub, WAH, Pakistan. Shaista has spent more than a decade working across the world for international humanitarian organisations gathering stories about the impact of conflict and humanitarian disasters on the lives of women and children. She is an intersectional feminist.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan is a 22 year old Muslim woman and third-generation Pakistani in the UK. She writes and speaks about politics, race, gender, feminism, Islam, being visibly Muslim, Eurocentric academia, decolonising minds/bodies and more. Suhaiymah is currently completing her Masters Degree on Muslims, sexuality and state regulation in Britain. Her award winning poetry can be viewed here,

The Panel will be Chaired by Shamshia Ali (M.Sc) Vice Chair of Vibrance, former FWN National Executive Member, specialising in third sector development. She is a grassroots activist who is determined to see more women ‘lean in’, has led cross party workshop for Women of the World series. Shamshia was one of the 100 women featured in BBC 100 Global Women series

The convener of the event is Huda Jawad, intersectional feminist, community organiser, FWN Mentoring Programme Alumni and VAWG activist.

Please arrive via the House of Commons, Cromwell Green entrance for 6pm to allow time to go through security.

Follow lint to register:



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