Feb 27th, 6.30-9pm, Committee Room 9, House of Commons

Are #metoo and #timesup flash in the pan social media moments or part of a new inclusive feminism movement?

A movement to end misogyny will require us all. How can we ensure ‘white feminism’ opens up space for conversations and actions that recognises the different intersections of privilege and descrimination?  How How do we as a society of women and men build on the work that’s already being done to tackle the root causes of misogyny?

Join our panelists for a discussion on power, privilege and possible futures.

 Chair: Shaista Aziz : journalist, writer and equalities campaigner. She’s a member of the Fabian Women’s Executive Committee.
Panelists include :
Jay Morton-Architect and feminist campaigner speaking on intersectionality in the feminist movement
Amna Abdullatif, community psychologist, co founder Intersectional Feminist Foreign Policy, Fabian Women’s executive committee
Eliza Anyangwe: Writer, editor and founder of The Nzinga Effect.
Lucy Caldicott: campaigner and activist working to address issues of inequality, injustice and exclusion. She is Chief Executive of UpRising.

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